LASIK Anniversary: 25 Years of Better Vision

A quarter of a century ago, we were given the groundbreaking development of LASIK surgery by Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris of Greece and Dr. Lucio Burrato of Italy. LASIK has stood the test of time since 1991, and more than 28 million people around the world have undergone LASIK correction with the highest success rates of … Read more

What Patients Ought To Know

Lasik Beverly Hills center by Andrew Caster MD – Voted Best Lasik Surgeon in LA When talking about health, most Los Angelenos undergo strict dietary practices and intense exercise regimens for the perfect body. Many times, they overlook other important things like their eyesight, instead opting to wear contact lenses and glasses which deteriorate vision … Read more

Lasik Myth: Will I Always Have to Use Eyedrops?

Myth: I will have to use eyedrops forever… Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it common?  No. It’s rare for any patient to require eye drops after the first month.  Your eyes are sturdier than they look, and given time, they will heal. The Healing Process Immediately after surgery, your eyes are indeed tender and admittedly … Read more

Lasik Myth: I Just Can’t Afford It

Yes, You Can Afford Lasik While it’s true that former LA Lakers (including Rick Fox and Kurt Rambis) and more than a handful of Hollywood celebrities have used it, this isn’t a privilege exclusively for the rich. Let’s lay out all the facts:   No money needed for down plans Very low monthly costs for … Read more

Is Lasik Painful?

Perhaps the most common myth about Lasik is that the surgery is painful. Where this fear came from, one may never know. Predominantly speaking, Lasik does not hurt for a large majority of patients. In fact, some people describe the procedure as completely painless. In comparison, do you consider getting your teeth cleaned a painful … Read more

How Long is Lasik Eye Surgery Meant to Last?

Everyone has their own beliefs about the benefits of laser vision correction. Even if they have never heard any Lasik stories from friends or family members there are hundreds of myths that float around that make us second guess the procedure’s true quality. It is even hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction, especially … Read more

Four Extra Benefits Patients May Achieve After Lasik

Many patients contemplate whether or not they should have their eyes evaluated to gain impeccable results with visionary enhancement. As one may have already discovered, Lasik is one of the most popular vision correction procedures in modern surgical history. With 19 million Lasik vision correction procedures performed in the United States through 2012 we have … Read more

Natural and Nutritious Eye Health Tips

It should not come as a surprise, but eating a nutritious diet serves as one of the biggest eye protection strategies for everyone. Ensuring healthy vision is not on everyone’s mind as summer edges near the end, so we are all likely to splurge at last-minute barbecues and beach parties. It has been a long … Read more

When Should I Consider Lasik for Monovision?

As we age, we realize that our vision is not as perfect as it should be. Many of us start to wonder if our arms are becoming shorter than they actually are because the objects we used to see up close need to be held at arms’ length to be seen clearly. The problem is … Read more