Is Lasik Painful?

Perhaps the most common myth about Lasik is that the surgery is painful. Where this fear came from, one may never know. Predominantly speaking, Lasik does not hurt for a large majority of patients. In fact, some people describe the procedure as completely painless.

In comparison, do you consider getting your teeth cleaned a painful experience? Well, in general Lasik hurts even less than that. However it’s important to remember that pain is relative. Our bodies are sensitive to pain in varying degrees. There is a small group of patients that claim to experience pain during Lasik, but they are the minority. Additionally, this pain may only last a few seconds.

Some Patients experience:

  • Mild discomfort during the procedure
  • Scratchiness of the eye directly after the surgery
  • Post surgery blurriness
  • Dryness of the eye after Lasik (generally a temporary situation)
  • Glare and halos post surgery

Pre-procedure apprehension is quite common and normal. However, you shouldn’t let it the exaggerated myth about Lasik pain stop you in your quest for better vision. One of our patients said, “I’ll admit the prospect of surgery, especially on my eye, terrified me. But honestly it was barely noticeable. A bit of pinching and staring at a light followed by a day of sleeping. It was almost laughably easy. I came out of it with at least 20/20 vision and it’s been heavenly…”

If you have any remaining questions about Lasik, or are considering improving your vision with this procedure, please contact our lasik surgeon today. Dr. Caster and the experienced team at Caster Eye Center in Los Angeles want to help you be as informed and as comfortable as possible about laser vision correction.