Over 75 Years of Lasik Experience

Our staff at Caster Eye Center is one of the most experienced in the entire laser vision correction industry. Our clinical staff has combined over 75 years of experience performing Lasik at Caster Eye Center. Most worked at other laser centers before joining the Caster Eye Center team. Alicia Sanchez, our chief laser technician, has worked side-by-side with Dr. Caster for over 25 years! All we do is laser vision correction, which allows for a level of focus which results in the best vision and experience for our patients.

Every staff member has had her or his own vision or a close relative’s vision corrected by Dr. Caster, so they can truly understand patient apprehensions and concerns. Because of Dr. Caster’s and our staff’s own experience as Lasik patients themselves, and our years and years of treating others, our patients can expect a caring encounter with each team member that will ensure the most accurate and comfortable experience.

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