After Laser Vision Correction

After Laser Vision Correction

Recovery from Lasik is amazingly quick. Most people return to their normal life the day after Lasik treatment. We want to see you very briefly the next day just to be sure that you are doing well, but we expect you to drive, go back to work or take care of your kids the very next day. You can travel in a plane the day after your treatment. Exercise is fine. The main restriction is that we want you to avoid getting water in the eye for the first week, including swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis. Showering is fine, just don’t let the shower water hit your eyes directly for the first week. Also, please use limited make-up around the eyes for three days.

Vision after PRK returns slower. Many but not all PRK patients are driving and going back to work the very next day, but many take longer to return to regular activities such as night driving. The initial healing from PRK takes 5-7 days, and the vision becomes much better after the initial healing phase is complete.

Tennis coach Anne-marie after lasik treatment with Dr Caster

I would 100% recommend the Caster Eye Center to everyone.

– Anne-marie

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