Post Smile Instructions

Patient named Thomas with Dr Caster

Dr. Caster and the rest of the staff are like old friends

– Thomas

  • Please keep your eyes closed when possible for the first 4 hours after your procedure.
  • It is normal to experience some mild discomfort for the first few hours, or days, after the procedure. Your eyes may experience some mild irritation, light sensitivity, wateriness, or mild scratchiness for a few days. If needed, you may take non-aspirin pain relievers such as Tylenol, but avoid rubbing your eyes. Artificial tears and the comfort drops that are provided can help with any mild discomfort.
  • You will notice a very significant improvement the very next morning. Most, but not all, patients are able to drive the day after the treatment. Mild variations in vision from moment to moment, and day to day, are normal after the procedure, and will continue to some degree for up to three months. Your vision will continue to improve for three or even six months.
  • No goggles are needed after Smile treatment.
  • Please do not get water in your eyes for a week. It is okay to shower, but do not allow the shower water to directly hit your eyes. Absolutely avoid jacuzzis, hot tubs, saunas, steam showers and other sources of dirty water for one week. These have a lot of dangerous bacteria and must be avoided.
  • You may begin exercising the day after your procedure.
  • Do not use eye makeup for 3 days. You may use other facial makeup from the cheekbones down, but we do not want any makeup to get into the eyes, because it could cause an infection.
  • Dryness is common for the first few weeks, but much less so after Smile than after other types of Laser Vision Correction. In some patients, this will cause irritation and some blurriness in vision. Omega-3 fish oil pills (or flaxseed oil pills for vegans) are remarkably effective in lessening dryness. Please use lubricating drops at least 4 times a day for one month after your procedure.It is fine to use them more often. You may use the following over-the-counter brands: TheraTears, Systane Ultra, GenTeal, Tears Naturale II, Hypotears or ReFresh. If using the preservative-free lubricating drops (the drops that are in individual vials), discard the used vial after 24 hours.
  • Please use preservative-free wetting eyedrops that we will provide to you every 15 minutes during the first 6 hours after treatment (if you are awake) and before you close your eyes to sleep on the first night.
  • Medications: Please be sure to use these prescription eye drops exactly as directed. We are supplying these eye drops to you.
  • The drops may cause some crusting onto your eyelashes upon waking in the morning. If this occurs, you may place a washcloth, soaked in warm water and wrung out, over your eyes for a few moments. Then gently rub over the lashes to remove this crusting. Our technicians will show you the proper way to do this.
  • During the first 12 months after your treatment, if you are going to be outside for an extensive time, such as golfing, hiking, or going to the beach, then it is a good idea to wear sunglasses. Extensive exposure to ultraviolet light without sunglasses from sunlight or tanning salons during the first 12 months after treatment may adversely affect your results. Sunlight is harmful to other parts of the eye as well, and can cause cataracts or retinal problems, so even people who have never had Laser Vision Correction should protect themselves from extensive sunlight exposure.