Out of Town Patients


Many of our patients travel to us from out of town. Patients travel to us for laser vision correction from across the United States, as well as from Europe, Asia, and Central and South America. We have treated patients from every single state in the US and over fifty other countries.

You will need to be in Los Angeles for less than 72 hours, spread over three days and two nights. We will help you with your arrangements to make your trip to Los Angeles as simple and easy as possible.

You will be able to return home, or continue on a vacation, on the morning after your procedure. Many people combine a trip to have laser vision correction with a vacation in California. Because of the extremely rapid recovery following Lasik, you will be able to travel and enjoy sightseeing the very next day after your procedure.


Out of Town Patient Comments

Many people travel to us from AROUND THE WORLD for expert treatment of their vision. Here are a few of their comments:


Sandi DonehueMelbourne, Australia
I flew all the way from Melbourne, Australia to have my vision corrected from Dr. Caster. After years of wearing contact lenses this procedure is truly a miracle and was well worth the 17-hour flight! The staff here is exceptional and everyone here made the experience wonderful. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering vision correction to do it!

John Salazar Grand Junction, Colorado
My vision is very sharp and I have experienced no pain.

I want to commend you on a superb job! Thank you so very, very much for your patience, compassion and competence while performing your work. I have never met a physician like you so easy to talk to and work with. You made the entire experience so pleasant. Again, thank you very much.

Maria McCormackCookstown, Ireland
Dear Doctor Caster,

I wish to express my sincere thanks to you and all your staff for my very successful operation. I was very warmly welcomed when I arrived with my sister Siobhan. We read all the reviews from other people and watched people come and go and realized we were in safe hands! I was nervous and excited at the prospect of being able to see without glasses. The tests I went through were very thorough. Your staff, Roman and Doctor Hoff, are very dedicated and put me at ease right away. I was delighted to hear I was a suitable candidate for Lasik. My sister Siobhan waited for me as you performed the operation. Afterwards I could see — and this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Over 3 months now since the operation, I’ve had no problems. I’m showing my eyes off by wearing lots of eye shadows. Some people say they look bigger and more blue than they were before. I hope to be out next summer to see my sister, so you will book an appointment to see her. Thanks again to you and all your wonderful staff.

Raam AnandBangalore, India
Dear Doctor Caster,

I’m really enjoying every moment of my life. It’s like getting freedom. One of the greatest benefits of getting LASIK done is that, now… I’m able to cuddle my little kid without having to worry about my spectacles!! Thanks to you.

Stacy Parra Lewis Motuoapa, New Zealand
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to you, Dr. Hoff, and your staff for making my Lasik surgery such a pleasant experience.

Dr. Caster, your smile and genuine happiness in seeing (no pun intended) my success in the Lasik procedure performed on me were truly heartwarming. What a great job you have!

I researched for the very best in the field, the best Lasik surgeon, best equipment, professional and friendly staff. I traveled all the way from New Zealand to have my surgery and I AM SO VERY HAPPY WITH MY EYESIGHT!

I originally thought that the best thing about seeing would be to read my alarm clock in the morning, but what really makes my day is being able to see my husband’s face without glasses!

So, my sincere thanks to you and your staff for making it all worthwhile!

Bearnd SteinerBerlin, Germany
Dear Dr. Caster,

I heard of your successful eye surgery from my friend last September. She offered to accompany me, if I should decide to have the same surgery. After thinking about it deeply, I took the positive decision early this year.

I had my first appointment in your clinic on March 5 and the surgery took place on March 8. I assure you that I can see very clearly again with both my eyes. I have a very happy feeling which words cannot express. Each morning, when I awake, I can now immediately focus and see everything clear.

I would like to thank you greatly for this feeling and for your expertise. In addition, I would like to say a big thank you to your staff; they were not only helpful but also very friendly.

I went to my optician two days ago in order to get a pair of spectacles for reading. She assured me that the surgery was very good and she was pleasantly surprised about the speed of recovery.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Yours sincerely,

Bearnd Steiner
Berlin, Germany

Linda Metzger, R.N. – Great Falls, Montana
Dear Dr. Caster,

Last summer I was browsing in the “New Books” section of the Great Falls Public Library when I spotted your book, The Eye Laser Miracle. I checked it out, and as I drove the 12 country miles to my house, I thought, now is the time and this is the doctor.v
There is a 20-year-old entry in my address book for The Keratorefractive Society in Denison, Texas. In 1978, these were the folks I planned to consult when I decided enough studies had been done on enough radial keratotomy patients to make me comfortable with having the procedure myself. Ten years passed, and my plan to have RK some day became better defined as I did more research. I would want a surgeon affiliated with either Johns Hopkins or UCLA. But wait…how were these new lasers going to compare with the scalpel? So wait I did – another ten years – until I read your book.

I was a third grader in Chicago when I first noticed I couldn’t see numbers on the blackboard from the back of the classroom (where the “good” students, who didn’t need much supervision, sat). The other kids could see them, so I told my parents. They thought, God knows why, that I just wanted to emulate my much-older sister, who wore rhinestone-studded, thick-lensed spectacles. Two years later, though, I had my first pair of glasses, and the world opened up. Then came hard contact lenses, then daily-wear soft contact lenses, then extended-wear and toric soft contacts. I was so thankful for each technological advance in vision correction of my 20/600 eyesight.

Mark and I were California-bound. With only 150 miles to go on a 1,300-mile road trip to L.A., we had a collision on the interstate. Fortunately, the only injuries (cosmetic, at that) were to the other car (a compact) and to our full-size sport/utility vehicle. Spinning 360 degrees counter-clockwise on a divided four-lane, briefly being perpendicular to 70 + mph traffic that one was, a moment before, parallel to, is, later, an incentive nonpareil for reassessing one’s priorities in life. I don’t recommend the experience, though.

Forty-eight hours later you did my LASIK. You and your staff made the process easy and pleasant and, most important, a success. While I enthusiastically describe it to people, I privately, daily, celebrate this grand, personal gift of able vision.

With gratitude,
Linda Metzger, R.N.
Great Falls, Montana

Samiya AhsanFaisalabad, Pakistan
Dear Dr. Caster,

This is the first time in my life that I can see with my own EYES, without the assistance of glasses or contact lenses, and I’m so very much thankful to Dr. Caster for giving me such a beautiful gift. I was nearsighted and my power was –8.50 and it was impossible for me to look without the glasses or the contact lenses. And now after getting the LASIK Wavefront done my vision is almost 20/20. I thank Dr. Caster and his staff members to let me get rid of my ugly glasses and irritating contact lenses. I’m very thankful and grateful to you.

Samiya Ahsan
Faisalabad, Pakistan

Anne-Marie Paris, France
Before I had the eye laser surgery I could not see anything without my glasses. I was practically blind. And all I wanted was to wake up in the morning open my eyes and see clear. So I decided and was ready to try the laser.

But there was only one doctor I knew I could trust and feel comfortable with and it was Dr. Caster, who worked on my uncle, cousin and brother before me. Even though I live in Paris, I came to L.A. to make sure my eyes were treated by the best.

It was an amazing experience. They took great care of us and made sure we were healing well. They make us feel safe. But now what I will never forget is my feeling right after the surgery. One minute I couldn’t see then two minutes later, when the laser was done, Dr. Caster asked me to look at the clock on the wall and I could see, very blurry, but at least I could read. So I was so moved that I started crying of happiness.

Even eye doctors in Paris were amazed from the great result I got from the laser. They said it’s great to be able to get to that.

Thank you so, so much Dr. Caster, you gave me a life without glasses J and only you could do it!

Carol RiceClarksville, Tennessee
The process of Lasik surgery was a marvelous experience with excellent results. Everyone involved is knowledgeable and extremely professional. I feel very fortunate to have undergone this procedure and will highly recommend Dr. Caster and his team to anyone, and certainly to my friends.

Wayne Root Henderson, Nevada
My special thanks to Dr. Andrew Caster and staff – who have performed a miracle – literally! My prior vision was 20/1200 since I was 7 years old. I’ve worn contacts and/or glasses for 25 years and without them was literally blind. It was frightening to take out my contacts. Suddenly this morning-the day after surgery- I can see! This is remarkable.

Dana J. Weinkle, M.D.Bradenton, Florida
Dear Andy,

Since we first met as classmates at Harvard Medical School in 1976, we have grown to become great friends. We have shared many experiences over the years, but none compare to my transformation in vision since undergoing LASIK in your center six weeks ago. As I recall, you were driven to become a distinguished eye surgeon from the beginning. Indeed, through our friendship, you inspired me to pursue a career in ophthalmology. Therefore, I have a unique perspective toward my recent surgery. As a fellow eye surgeon, I have an intimate understanding of all aspects of my recent surgical procedure, and as your friend, I was allowed to experience the surgery through “your eyes”.

The results of my recent surgery are extraordinary! I am certain that my uncorrected distance and near vision are significantly better than ever before, even with my best glasses on! I am particularly amazed with my excellent night vision, and the noticeable absence of distracting light rays emanating from points of light when driving at night. My peripheral vision is also remarkably better. What impresses me, however, is my continued ability to read the finest print. As you know, I have the ability to check my visual acuity daily in my office, and I can assure you that I am a rock steady 20/20+ in the right eye, and 20/15 in my left eye! My newfound vision and freedom from glasses have given me a sense of youthfulness. Not only do I physically “feel younger”, but I am constantly told by both patients and friends that I look younger as well.

Over the last 20 or more years, I have come to know you quite well. I have always respected your commitment toward excellence, your analytical and technical abilities, and your sense of judgement. I trusted you implicitly in the management of my LASIK surgery, knowing full well that my career as a busy cataract surgeon is dependent on my excellent vision.

Indeed, you did not let me down. I felt totally confident and relaxed before, during, and after the surgery, thanks to the excellent, comprehensive preoperative testing, counseling, and perioperative management on the part of your very caring and knowledgeable staff. Aside from a little expected pressure during creation of my corneal flaps, about which I was informed from the start, there was absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. Postoperatively, I have remained completely comfortable, and my recovery was totally uneventful. As you know, I was able to fly home to Florida the day after surgery.

Andy, thanks for my new eyes! I am now inspired to begin performing LASIK surgery on my own patients. I look forward to the satisfaction of helping others achieve newfound vision through the miracle of modern LASIK surgery.


Dana J. Weinkle, M.D.
Bradenton, Florida

Susan SalazarGrand Junction, Colorado
We want to send a very special note to appreciation to you.

Thank you for being willing to dedicate your life to those very long years of study – and extremely long hours of caring for others – which means that you are away from enjoying time with your wife and children.

If you were not willing to do this – we would not have your expert care as our doctor.

One of the greatest blessings in our life has been having you as our doctor. Thank you Dr. Caster for all the many things that you have done for us! We are Truly Grateful.

Joanne D.Banning, California

You treated my like a friend and seemed happy to see me. This and your overall treatment and explanations of procedures gave me the confidence to go through with the PRK. I really appreciate your skill and care. I am enjoying my new eyes everyday. I still am amazed after being so nearsighted and wearing glasses for 50 years.


And my golf game is better!

David M.Coaling, California

The service received was wonderful. Dr. Andrew I. Caster and his staff treated my in the best regards. I would highly recommend your office to others for well-performed service.

Amy H.Wheaton, Illinois
Dr. Caster and everyone at the Caster Eye Center,

I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful experience! I was so nervous to have the surgery done, but I knew I was damaging my eyes by wearing hard contact lenses. I also had enough with the hassles that my lenses brought me. Being in glasses or contacts since I was eight years old, I never was able to see even in the mirror without “putting my vision on”. But now I see 20/20!! I can walk out in the rain without getting glasses wet. I can fall asleep when I’m tired without worrying about taking my contacts out. My eyes feel healthier, and I am just so happy! I would not trust my eyes to anyone other than you. Thank you, and thank you for answering all my questions, and just being so nice! Now, I’m trying to get all my visually impaired friends to follow in my steps.

Thank you again!

Sincerely, Amy

Yanbo P. Santa Cruz, California

My experience has been great!

Hana M Bubshait Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Occupation – HR Policy Analyst

After 26 years between glasses and lenses, this is the first time I feel free from all of these headaches. I can’t believe that I kept postponing the surgery decision because of my nervousness with anything having to do with eyes. I would not even let anybody talk about eyes in front of me.

I hated wearing glasses especially because of the teasing I used to get from the other kids but it was either their teasing about my glasses or their teasing about not being able to see anything. So the minute I was old enough to wear lenses I switched to lenses. 15 years ago lenses were not as comfortable and good as I wanted them because I got astigmatism and my lenses could not correct it so I had to compromise and wear regular lenses which did not correct my astigmatism which made it hard to get my vision properly corrected. This is not the end of it but the weather in the last few years in my country made things even more difficult with the continuous dust which affected my eyes even more.

In the beginning of this year I thought that enough is enough and decided that I will go with the surgery. I started asking around me. I found that most of my friends and relatives had very bad recovery experience from surgery which made me shift my search to the USA. Luckily I was going to be in L.A. during the first week of May so I started searching around that area. Every time I looked deeper and deeper in my search, Dr. Caster’s option becomes more potent. I was thinking about not being in the area for long and then I found out that he is familiar with international visitors. Then I learned that some doctors could be involved in part of the procedure but other technicians would do the surgery, and I got confirmation that Dr Caster will do the surgery himself. Between the doctors who were going to do the surgery and being involved from A to Z only two were affordable to me. And the last thing was flexibility in scheduling and quick response and that was only in Dr. Caster’s clinic since the other one required international calls and I didn’t hear from them till two weeks after sending my initial email.

Dr. Caster and his staff responded to all of my special needs and dealt with my anxiety in a great way to the point I was very comfortable in all of my visits. The surgery was done by Dr. Caster himself and he was talking to me all the time during surgery which took less than 5 minutes for both eyes. Then the staff called me a cab and walked me to it. I walked by myself to my room and didn’t have any problems in recovering. When I woke up I called my family and friends and told them about the surgery. The next day I started my vacation and didn’t have a single problem with recovery. I still ask my friends to wait until I take off my glasses for pictures then I have a funny look when I don’t find them.

A month now after surgery, my vision is 20/20. Sometimes it is a little blurry but that is normal in the first three months as I was told by Dr. Caster. Today is a dust day but I am looking out the window with a grin on my face explaining how grateful I am to the nice experience that made me free

Patricia S. Palmdale, California

It was very comfortable and relaxing. Your staff is very nice and helpful. Thank you so much for helping me see better.

Lorraine P. Oceanside, California

I was leaning towards going closer to home until I actually had appointment with Dr. Caster. I felt that if I went to Dr. Caster, I’d never have to wonder for decades ” would my eyes have been better if I had gone to Dr. Caster instead of …”.

What convinced me to select Dr. Caster was #1 – him and #2 – his staff. The years they have worked for him, their expertise and professionalism.

Top of the line equipment and thorough eye testing was noted as well.

Thank You

Hugh S. Henderson, Nevada

I guess from service to service, the equipment is a constant. The difference is therefore the people. From Dr. Caster on down the staff at the Caster Eye Center are exceptional!

Saeed Al Hajeri Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Life is back! Thank you Dr. Caster for the magical work. I am so happy that I made this move. It has been 15 years since my first laser treatment, and Dr. Caster has made me feel and look as I have not done any treatment. Now I know how to recommend this gift to my friends and family, and I feel privileged that I found him.

Jeffrey M. New York, NY

Having laser eye surgery at Caster Eye Center was well worth the cost and the 3,000 mile journey. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I look forward to seeing you again at my next check-up.

Dr. Hansang Noh St. Louis, Missouri
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I flew in from St. Louis for this procedure upon the recommendation of friends & colleagues. In my line of work one can imagine how crucial eyesight is in recognizing life-threatening situations in surgery. Imagine my nervousness when I decided to receive LASIK surgery. Dr. Caster and his staff lived up to their excellent reputation. I do not believe that I would have undergone the procedure if I did not have the utmost confidence in Dr. Caster. On my first post-op day I drove to my appointment reading every street sign with my first pair of sunglasses in 8 years. I received the proud certificate of 20/20 vision. I will repeat the words of my previous LASIK friends: “It has been a life changing experience.”

Gratefully yours,

Hansang Noh, M.D.

Physician, Anesthesiologist

St. Louis, Missouri

Yoko O. Bellevue, Washington

I wish the Dr.’s office were near by but the trip to California for this procedure was well worth the money and time!

Thank you so much! Even after the procedure my eyes are completely free of glasses and contact lenses.

Elaine C.Irving, Texas

The staff at the Caster Eye Center is simply the best of any business. Every person is considerate and attentive. Simply superb service! I can’t say enough positive things about this eye center!

Jan U.Palm Beach, Florida

Overall an amazing experience. I am thrilled with the results after many years of less than perfect vision!!

Dr. Anja Langenbrinck Emsdetten, Germany
Dear Dr. Caster,

Being a doctor myself, I know that patients expect you to do your best and they expect a perfect result. Being a patient now myself I expected the same.

Now on the first day after surgery this is more than I ever would have imagined. There was no pain or discomfort after the surgery and this morning I was already able to read the paper. Since my childhood I have been a very athletic person. When I was younger I dared to do sports like windsurfing and swimming without vision aides and noticed, that I was a hazard to others and myself just the same. After that I cut out a lot of sports like beach volleyball, mountain biking and even swimming afraid of getting dirt in my eyes or loosing my contact lenses. I remember going to the pool and having people tell me the next day that I am arrogant for not saying “hi”. It’s not that I didn’t want to see them; I couldn’t without my contact lenses. Other times I would be riding my bike and then suddenly with a little wind going I would get dirt in my eyes and nearly fall off the bike. Thanks to the great job you’ve done I will be able to go ahead and do whatever sports I feel like without worrying about dirt, dust or wind.

This will also make my job a whole lot easier not having to wonder if my contacts will dry out or my glasses will slide down or fog up. Again a grateful thanks to you and your whole team for doing such a great job.

Sincerely, Dr. Anja Langenbrinck

Michael O.Cupertino, California

Yours was the most excellent medical care I have every received. Dr. Caster and the staff answered every question and described the process in great detail.

Al K. Laredo, Texas

The ability to see clearly without contacts cannot be described. It must be experienced.

Robert W.Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m not sure I would have had the procedure if not for Dr. Hoff and Dr. Caster.

Pamela D. Palm Springs, California

I am beyond pleased with the entire experience. Everything was perfect and I have told everyone and will continue to tell everyone to only allow Dr. Caster to do their surgery.

Thank you for my vision and making my experience top of the line. It went beyond my expectations.

Crystal J.Waikoloa, Hawaii

This entire experience was truly remarkable and excellent through every well-coordinated step.

Thank you so much for the best vision of my LIFE!! I am thrilled!

Bradley E. Dallas, Texas
Everything was great!

I’ve told all my friends about you.

Tarnia B. San Francisco, California
Dear Dr. Caster & Staff:

I cannot fully express how grateful I am for my new and improved eyesight! My sight has always been my most treasured and important sense and you have enabled me to now ‘own” it rather than just ‘wear’ it. The LASIK procedure you performed has been the most empowering experience for me – I now have excellent vision ‘built in’ and a part of me rather than something external to myself that I am dependent on and must add to myself not just to feel whole but simply to function.
It has been two weeks since my surgery and I still keep smiling as I look out at the horizon or down the road at street signs – and I can see everything crystal clear – with no help! I have told everyone I know who wears glasses or contacts not only how powerful this experience has been for me but how easy and simple it was – thanks to you and your warm, caring, professional and knowledgeable staff.

Dr. Caster, I think you have one of the best jobs on the planet! Thank you for every day and everything I can see all by myself!

Jewel Clark Lexington, Texas

I was very excited! From the time I browsed the www.castervision.com website, to the time I walked into Caster Eye Center, (which by the way is a state of the-art facility); I knew I was in good hands.

I was thrilled to have the option to customize and choose the vision that best suited me (distance as opposed to mono/mild mono).

I am ecstatic with my new distance vision and having fun picking out stylish reading glasses (because I’m almost fifty and LASIK doesn’t correct for that). Also, after reading most of Dr. A. Caster’s book “The Eye Laser Miracle”, I virtually had no need to ask a lot of questions.

In a field of high technology to better vision, God has truly gifted this man, what an honor and a privilege to take part in this Excimer laser treatment. May God richly bless him and his wonderful staff, and may he be rewarded with new technologies to come.

Jewel Clark

Unix System Adminstrator

Lexington, Texas

Lucinda D. Redland, California

From the moment I made contact with your facility, I have received impeccable, individualized customer service. Every member of the Caster Eye Center Team was professional and extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks to all for a pleasant and positive experience and losing my eyeglasses for good was a welcome perk!

Thank you Dr. Caster for your gracious expertise.

Aram A. Morgan Hill, California

The service is superb.

Nena Tomic .Vienna, Austria

Thank you very much. This treatment has made me feel a lot more confident and 15 years younger. It must be great having a job where you can make such a difference in people’s lives. All the best.

Steve S. Scottsdale, Arizona

What an experience! How wonderful it is to fall asleep watching TV and not to worry about your glasses being slept on; how wonderful it is to be in the ocean and to see the rise and fall of the waves – rather than closing your eyes for fear that the contacts will fly!

Thank you – Dr. Caster and his incredible staff – from start to finish – Excellent!

Keith P.Oceanside, California

Everything was great! You are pros. Thank you so much.

Josefine P.Paradise Valley, Arizona

I’m a 58-year-old, ex-resident of Beverly Hills, currently living in Paradise Valley, Arizona. I’m nervous about “surgery” and especially thoughtful about elective surgery. In researching “laser eye surgery” I had trouble getting phone calls returned by two highly recommended offices in Phoenix, as well as impossible time trying to schedule any form of appointment. Dr. Caster’s practice, by contrast, could not have been pleasanter or more accommodating. My initial visit felt immensely personal from the receptionist on – professional and comforting – I felt like an individual, not a number, despite various patients being seen at the same time as I was. This held true through my procedure and my end result was amazing and instant. Gratitude and thanks were humbly accepted by Dr. Caster.

I cannot think of a stronger endorsement than that which I would give Dr. Caster and staff. They are an advertisement for how all medical offices should be run and how a Doctor can impress the image he wishes to convey to all.

J.J. H.Katy, Texas

I can’t believe I just had surgery to my eyes! When I woke up this morning right after the procedure, I could actually see without reaching for my glasses; it is just simply amazing! A thousand thanks to everyone in Dr. Caster’s staff and Dr. Caster himself. To me, this is nothing short of miracle! I just can’t believe I can do scuba diving without dealing with contact lenses or a prescription mask! Life will be so much easier from now on!

Hilary B.Poughkeepsie, New York

Dear Dr. Caster, I know that you have received so many letters about Lasik corrective surgery, but I would like to add one more letter. It’s about 1-½ hours after the surgery and I know I should be resting and I am getting to that. But after my surgery I went upstairs to write in my journal. I took off my goggles to put my drops in my eyes. Now I’ve always appreciated the outdoor beauty, trees, buildings, everything. When I took my goggles off and saw my surroundings I was overwhelmed. I could see the crispness of the leaves and flowers surrounding me. Your surgery has made me see everything more clearly making me more appreciative of how beautiful it is to see things even better. When reading the other letters I noticed that many people said it was like a miracle. It is a Miracle! When I go home to New York my first trip is to go hiking. I can’t wait to see what I’ve seen everyday with my new eyes! I am truly grateful for your dedication to making me feel at home, yet I was so far away. Veronica was wonderful! She talked to me and treated me with such realness and respect. Dr. Hoff was comforting and precise. The other technicians gave me comfort by touching my arm and making me feel like everything was fine. All your staff showed me such kindness and hospitality. The procedure was absolutely painless! I thank you and your staff for everything. I will spread the word. Everyone should know what a great service Caster Eye Center provides.

Yours truly, Hilary

Trevor B. Taft, California

This experience was extremely special! The care shown by the staff was outstanding and as far as the end result, I just can’t believe it. I have 20/20 vision again. Hurray!! How wonderful for a person like Dr. Caster to open his hand and give you a miracle. I still can’t believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.