Lasik Patient (and Lakers Great) Kurt Rambis Interviews for Head Coaching Position

Former Lakers player and coach Kurt Rambis was recently interviewed for the vacant head coaching position with that organization. He joins a short list of potential candidates that includes former Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins, Los Angeles Clippers assistant Alvin Gentry, former Lakers coach Mike Dunleavy, and former Lakers player Byron Scott.


Rambis has a long history with the organization – he was a player with them from 1981-88 and 1993-95, assistant coach for 12 nonconsecutive years, and the head coach for part of the 1998-99 season, when he led the team to a 24-13 record during his brief tenure. Although the talent pool is crowded for the vacant head coaching position, we think that Rambis has as good a chance at securing the job as anyone, and we wish him the best of luck.


When Kurt came to us as a patient, it was a period of significant transition for him, just as becoming the head coach of the Lakers will be if he gets the job. As a player, he was known for the thick, black, indestructible glasses he sported on the court. In fact, fans would even show up to games wearing similar glasses as a way to pay homage to their favorite player. Lasik would change all of that.


After visiting us here at the Caster Eye Center, Kurt was able to say goodbye to his glasses for good. The Lasik procedure he underwent was able to give him the kind of vision he hadn’t enjoyed since the third grade, something he sees as mostly a blessing. Although he can enjoy life without worrying about glasses, he also says, “Now I don’t have an excuse if I miss a layup when I’m playing with my kids.”