Lasik Enhancements

Lasik Enhancements

Sometimes, about 4% of the time, the Lasik correction is very close to but not perfect. Why does this happen? Because we are dealing with living tissue which can heal slightly differently in different people. In these cases, we can improve the vision further with a second treatment, called an enhancement or touch-up. We usually wait at least three months after Lasik and six months after PRK before performing an enhancement treatment and most patients are seeing well-enough while waiting for their enhancement that they do not need glasses or contacts. The enhancements are generally quicker and even easier than the first treatment.

Also, some people will have a change in vision years later. We expect a change in the near vision as a person reaches 45 years of age, and we can perform a second treatment to adjust for the near vision with monovision if that is desired by the patient. Some will want monovision, with one eye adjusted for near vision, while others want to keep both eyes optimally for distance.

If the distance vision changes as you age, (remember, Lasik will not stop naturally occurring aging changes), a fine-tuning enhancement can be performed even many years after your original treatment. We estimate this will be desired in about 5% of people.

There is no fee for any enhancements performed during the first 18 months after the original treatment. If changes occur later on and enhancement is desired, there is a fee, though special arrangements can be made regarding this.

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