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A Note from Lasik and Smile Surgeon Dr. Caster

Lasik laser vision correction is one of the great medical advances of our time, when performed on the appropriate person in the proper way. Though you have lived with poor eyesight for years, you can now have this painless, five-minute treatment and walk out minutes later seeing better with your own eyes — without needing glasses or contact lenses. This treatment is an incredibly liberating and emotional experience. There is really no other medical procedure that combines such an amazing improvement with a lack of pain and so very rapid recovery.

My own nearsightedness and astigmatism were corrected with Lasik in 1996, and I have enjoyed wonderful eyesight ever since. I have used Lasik laser vision correction to improve the eyesight of my son, my son-in-law, my two brothers, and many other members of my extended family. I have been an ophthalmologist for over thirty-five years, and for the past twenty-five years I have dedicated my practice exclusively to Lasik laser vision correction. During this time I have performed over 30,000 treatments. For the past five years we have been providing the newest minimally-invasive, small-incision version known as Smile. I am one of the few doctors in the United States who focuses his practice exclusively within this specialty, known as refractive surgery. This extreme specialization is one of the keys to our great results. When you apply all of your talent and energies to one narrow specialty, you learn how to do it very, very well.

No one has technology that surpasses us. We use the latest Zeiss VisuMax laser, which is completely pain-free, for the first step of the Lasik procedure and for the Smile procedure, and the newest WaveLight Allegretto EX500 laser for the second step in the Lasik Los Angeles treatment, which is also completely pain-free. We perform all variations of laser vision correction, including Smile, ReLex, all-laser Lasik, Femto-Lasik, PRK, Advanced Surface Treatment, and Lasek.
Laser vision correction is not right for everyone. We will only perform your treatment if we are confident that we can obtain excellent results. We advise 30% of our patients not to have laser vision correction at all because they are not ideal candidates. If a different procedure is more appropriate for you, we will refer you to a top specialist in that particular technique.
One of the most important aspects of medicine is the caring approach of the doctor. A doctor who really cares will spend time talking to the patient, answering each and every question. The truly caring doctor will use only the best equipment, will be extremely meticulous in all aspects of measurement and treatment, and will insist on having only superbly-trained staff. Each technical member of our staff has been at Caster Eye Center for over twenty years; our laser technician has worked with me for over twenty-five years. This staff loyalty and experience is so critical to our very high quality and allows us to provide the most personalized service available anywhere. When you speak with us, when you visit our Lasik Los Angeles office, and when you have your treatment, you will see the experience and the caring attitude. And you will appreciate the difference each and every day as you enjoy your new vision. This is truly a life-changing experience.
Andrew I. Caster, MD, FACS

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Dr. Caster in the News

Dr. Caster is highly regarded as one of the best Lasik surgeons in the United States. As one of the twenty ophthalmologists to originally perform Lasik for FDA approval, Dr. Caster has been named “Best Lasik Surgeon in LA” by Los Angeles Magazine and is every year voted by his peers as a “Best Doctor in America.” Dr. Caster has shared his Lasik expertise in numerous TV, magazine, radio and newspaper interviews.

Dr. Caster discusses treatments for baby boomers on the NBC Today Show.

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Dr. Caster discusses treatments for baby boomers on the NBC Today Show - Click to see video

CBS News anchor has Lasik by Dr. Caster, and explains it step by step!

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CBS News anchor has Lasik by Dr. Caster, and explains it step by step! - Click to see video

Former Lakers player Kurt Rambis at the Caster Eye Center where he underwent Lasik eye treatment.

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Former Lakers player Kurt Rambis at the Caster Eye Center where he underwent Lasik eye treatment. - click to see video

Pain-Free Lasik/Smile Technology

Pain-Free Lasik Technology used by Dr Caster
The Caster Eye Center’s Lasik laser vision correction uses the most up-to-date Lasik and Smile technology. This enables Caster Eye Center to provide patients clear vision in just a few minutes. Lasik laser vision correction is a two-step process:
During the first step of Lasik treatment, Dr. Andrew Caster uses the state-of-the-art Zeiss VisuMax laser. This laser creates thousands of microscopic bubbles in a 15-second, totally pain-free treatment for creation of the protective flap.
The Alcon Allegretto EX500 laser is used to gently change the shape of the cornea just a microscopic amount, correcting the focus to create sharper vision. The Alcon Allegretto laser is the only laser proven to the FDA to improve daytime and nighttime vision on average better than glasses and contact lenses. This completely pain-free step takes around 15 seconds.

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What does Lasik do?

What does Lasik do?

Does Lasik hurt?

Does Lasik hurt?

The eye laser miracle - A book written by Dr Caster

Lasik: The Eye Laser Miracle: The Complete Guide To Better Vision

Dr.Caster's book is used by eye doctors across the United States

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