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The Best LASIK Vision Correction in Los Angeles

Dr. Andrew Caster

Nationally Recognized as U.S. News &
World Report "Top Doctor"

  • Harvard-Educated Lasik Specialist
  • Over 30,000 Lasik Surgeries Performed
  • Lasik Patient Himself
"The Best Lasik Surgeon in LA"
– Los Angeles Magazine
"One of the two top eye
surgeons in the United States"
– W Magazine

Lasik Laser vision correction is amazing.

Laser eye surgery is truly one of the great medical advances of our time when performed on the appropriate patient in the proper way.

You have lived with glasses or contacts or just have not seen well for years. Picture this:

"This treatment is an incredibly liberating and emotional experience. There is really no other medical procedure that combines such an amazing improvement with a lack of pain and so very rapid recovery."

- Dr. Caster
patient spotlight

These stars and influencers share something in common:
trusting their vision to Dr. Caster

We're one of the few laser vision correction specialty practices in the U.S.

Dr. Caster is one of the few doctors who focuses his practice exclusively within the specialty of corrective laser eye surgery, known as refractive surgery, which includes LASIK, PRK, and SMILE. This extreme specialization is one of the keys to our exceptional results. When you apply all of your talent and energies to one narrow specialty, you learn how to do it very, very well. We have one focus: being the best Lasik surgeon for correcting your vision.

A team that's family. And real experts.

Our 3 key technical/patient care team members have been in this together for a long time. Over 25 years each at Caster Eye Center to be exact! This incredible staff dedication and expertise are so critical to our great visual results. Together, we work to ensure patients receive Lasik surgery that can make a lifelong positive difference.

It's your eyes. It's personal.

When you speak with us, visit our LASIK Los Angeles office, and have your treatment, you'll feel the experience and the caring attitude we bring every day. And you will appreciate the difference each and every day as you enjoy your new vision. This is truly a life-changing experience.

We'll guide you to clear vision.

We help you find out which procedure is best for YOU at a free consultation.

Find out if you are a good candidate & get all of your questions answered at a FREE consultation

Step One

Meet and Greet

You will have measurements taken and you will meet with Dr. Caster, our Lasik surgery specialist. He will answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and carefully explain the pros and cons of all your options. You will feel confident and ready.

Step Two

Life Changed

You're in and out with a pain-free 5 minute procedure. The laser portion is only 30 seconds per eye! So easy. No needles, no pain! Stand up, see clearer than before, and go home. Literally seeing the advantage of working with the best Lasik surgeon in Los Angeles.

Step Three

Enjoy Your New Vision

Patients typically have an overnight recovery and are back to most normal activities the very next day. Except you can now see with your own eyes and better than you have for many, many years!

Is the Cost Of Laser Vision Correction Less Than You Think?


1 cup of Starbucks a day for 30 years


Streaming Services for 30 years

$258/month for 2 years

(zero down, zero interest)
1 LASIK Procedure (both eyes) for a Lifetime
Learn more about pricing and financing options
TOP 10

Reasons to Choose Dr. Andrew Caster

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1. Selected "Best Lasik Surgeon in LA" by Los Angeles Magazine.
Slide 1
2. Voted a Top 50 Doctor by Visx.
Slide 1
3. Latest Technology for completely pain-free lasik.
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4. Voted repeatedly as one of the "Best Doctors" in America by other ophthalmologists.
Slide 1
5. Helped obtain FDA approval of Lasik.
Slide 1
6. Selected by W Magazine as one of two top eye surgeons in the United States.
Slide 1
7. Castle Connelly Top Doctor.
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8. Selected as a Hollywood Reporter Top Doctor.
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9. Who’s Who in Science and Technology.
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10. Doctor and Patient — Dr. Caster had his own vision corrected by Lasik in 1996. This enables Dr. Caster to better understand our patients
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Lives Changed through LASIK

Rated 4.9 by Our Patients on Google

Whitley SullivanWhitley Sullivan
05:57 12 Apr 24
Dr. Andrew Caster is hands down the best eye doctor! A few years ago I received Lasik eye surgery from Dr.Caster.I will continuously recommend him and his team to EVERYONE. I can live my life now with 20/20 clear vision...and i havent had that in YEARS. it is life changing. IF you want to upgrade your vision and have a better quialty of life through Lasik. Dr.Caster is the best in the business!
Leah TolentinoLeah Tolentino
13:42 10 Apr 24
The staff are very hospitable. very friendly.very professional. The place is so clean.. and Laura is very kind. Dr Caster is the best .. Highly recomended.” lasik” is Dr. Caster.I’m so happy that I decided to do the lasik .Happy Happy Happy!!!
17:23 05 Apr 24
What an amazing experience! I don’t know why I waited so long to do this! Dr. Castor and the team gave me the opportunity to SEE without my glasses. I wanted to give a shoutout to CRYSTAL, for encouraging me to take this amazing step to better my life. From the moment that I walked into the office Crystal made me feel comfortable, as she greeted me with a warm smile. I was feeling excited and full of emotions, that were soothed by her personality and her assurance that I was going to be okay. The office is elegant, but with an essence of warmth and coziness. Laura, made me feel right at home, she walked me through the financial process and reassured me I was in great hands. Shoutout to Laura, she is amazing!!!Alicia, made me feel safe as she walked me through the process, she allowed me to see all the amazing technology and tools being used, for the procedure. I had so many questions that were all answered, there is plenty of time and opportunity to ask and feel comfortable and assured. It’s amazing how they triple check that everything is correct and really make you feel safe. The team does an amazing job walking you through the process and priming you until the time of the procedure. Roman does an amazing job taking care of all the testing before the procedure. Lastly, DR. CASTOR!!!!!!! The man of the hour! Such an professional! He came in and answered my final questions and made me feel safe. The procedure was so fast, and amazing. I can’t believe that I wired this long! The technology they use is so modern that it’s amazing what they are able to do here, they truly change peoples lives! To think that I’m less than 24hrs I was going to have 20/20 vision is truly amazing.Forever grateful with the team. I look forward to enjoying my life without glasses!With lots of love, respect and gratitude,Jasmin Franco

"My prescription was -10 with my astigmatism included. I love it! It's a different world!"

- Chimdi Ihezie

Feel safe knowing you're in good hands.

Dr. Caster had his own vision corrected through LASIK in 1996, and he's enjoyed wonderful eyesight ever since. Part of what makes him the best Lasik surgeon is his personal experience and understanding of how it can change patient lives.

"The next day my vision was amazingly clear. I hadn't seen this clear since I was a kid. And I didn't even have on any glasses or contact lenses — these were my own eyes seeing. It was hard to wrap my mind around what an amazing thing had just happened to me."

He's since performed vision correction on his son, son-in-law, two brothers, and many other members of his extended family.

"Since I get to perform this miracle daily, I do not forget my own experience and my own pleasure with the LASIK experience. I could not be happier!"

The surgeon that surgeons trust

Repeatedly voted among "Best Doctors in America" by other ophthalmologists.

• 25+ years of Lasik Surgery experience
• Over 30,000 Laser Eye Surgery treatments performed

Wrote the book on LASIK

Dr. Caster authored "LASIK: The Eye Laser Miracle, The Complete Guide to Better Vision" , the most widely read book in the US on laser vision correction.

You should feel confident: it's your eyes.

All the options + the best technology.

No one has technology that surpasses us. We use the latest Zeiss VisuMax laser, which is completely pain-free, for the first step of the LASIK and SMILE procedures We then use the newest WaveLight Allegretto EX500 laser for the second step in the Lasik surgery, which is also completely pain-free.

We perform all variations of laser vision correction, including: SMILE, ReLex, all-laser Lasik, Femto-Lasik, PRK, Advanced Surface Treatment, and Lasek.

The NEWEST advancement in correction: for the past seven years we have been providing the newest minimally-invasive, small-incision version known as SMILE. It's wonderful for patients with dry eyes!

Learn more

Most people who wear glasses or contacts are candidates for laser vision correction.

Are you an ideal candidate?

Take Vision Correction Self Test

Dr. Caster in the News

Dr. Caster is highly regarded as one of the best Lasik surgeons in the United States. As one of the twenty ophthalmologists to originally perform Lasik for FDA approval, Dr. Caster has been named "Best Lasik Surgeon in LA" by Los Angeles Magazine and is every year voted by his peers as a "Best Doctor in America." Dr. Caster has shared his Lasik expertise in numerous TV, magazine, radio and newspaper interviews.

Dr. Caster discusses treatments for baby boomers on the NBC Today Show.

CBS News anchor has Lasik by Dr. Caster, and explains it step by step!

Former Lakers player Kurt Rambis at the Caster Eye Center where he underwent Lasik eye treatment.

Instrumental in FDA LASIK approval.

As a nationally respected surgeon, Dr. Caster was selected as one of the 20 ophthalmologists to originally perform LASIK for FDA approval.

Nationally Recognized LASIK Leader

Dr. Caster is highly regarded as one of the best LASIK surgeons in the United States. Dr. Caster has been named "Best LASIK Surgeon in LA" by Los Angeles Magazine and is every year voted by his peers as a "Best Doctor in America." Dr. Caster has shared his LASIK expertise in numerous TV, magazine, radio, and newspaper interviews.

Dr. Caster discusses treatments for baby boomers on the NBC Today Show with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer.

Former Lakers player Kurt Rambis at the Caster Eye Center where he underwent LASIK Eye treatment.

CBS News anchor has LASIK by Dr. Caster, and explaines it step by step!

patient spotlight

Shay Mitchell: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

#20: "LASIK is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

see shay's story

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