Visiting Caster Eye Center

The Caster Eye Center provides detailed, personal consultations with Dr. Caster to determine your suitability for Laser Vision Correction. The purposes of this consultation are for you and Dr. Caster to meet each other, to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for laser vision correction, to determine the best variation of the treatment for your particular situation, and to answer all your questions.
This initial consultation takes approximately 90 minutes and is complimentary. Complimentary valet parking is also provided. During this consultation we will perform many tests, including mapping of the cornea, corneal thickness, refraction, and dry eye tests. You will be able to tour our facility and see our technology, including our lasers and our diagnostic equipment. You will meet with Dr. Caster; he will examine your eyes, review all the information about you and your eyes, and address all of your questions and concerns.
Before you can move forward with the procedure, Dr. Caster will need to perform additional tests, including a dilated health check of the eyes. These additional tests can be completed on the same day as your complimentary exam if you would like and will require an additional 30 minutes. The fee for this additional exam is $100 and we will credit that payment toward your treatment. Patients typically are comfortable to drive themselves and return to work after the dilation. You may wear contact lenses to this appointment and please bring your prescription glasses and sunglasses as well.
We will also perform additional measurements on the day of your treatment. In this way, we obtain multiple measurements on different days, which helps in the accuracy of the treatment. If you wear contact lenses, we will make these additional measurements after you have been out of the contact lenses for an appropriate amount of time. These additional measurements are typically performed on the day of your treatment.
To request a Pre-Lasik/Smile Consultation, please call us at 1-800-444-5241 or please fill out the following form:

    Affordable Financing

    Caster Eye Center offers financing plans that can fit into any budget…. anywhere from short-term interest free to 60 months with very affordable payments. We also offer plans for people with less than perfect credit.
    Call us today and let one of our experienced counselors walk you through the process.
    Please contact us by phone (800-444-5241 or 310-274-1221) or email ( to discuss the monthly payment options that meet your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Most medical insurance policies do not regard Smile or any version of Laser Vision Correction as medically necessary, so they do not cover it.
    A: Laser Vision Correction is a medical expense, which depending upon your tax situation, may be deductible. Please discuss this with your tax preparer.
    A: Yes. The flexible spending account plan, also known as a “medical savings account” or a “cafeteria plan”, allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to use for medical expenses. Laser Vision Correction is one of the qualified procedures within this program. Many of our patients have taken advantage of these programs with significant tax savings. You may want to inquire with your Human Resources Department about eligibility and enrollment periods. We look forward to helping you to enjoy great new vision!
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