Carol Alexander - Asst. Principal

The procedure took about 20 seconds there was no pain and all I had to do was look at the blinking red light. Afterwards I was given a kit with eye drops for lubrication and an antibiotic for infection. I could see immediately. There was no pain what so ever nor was there any scratchiness. The pill I was given for pain made me sleepy and I slept from 9:30am to 4:30pm. I awoke and could see perfectly. What a delight not to need contacts nor glasses for the first time in 50 years. I am delighted and would recommend the procedure to everyone who is nearsighted.

Matthew Haberkorn - Attorney

Having completed the surgery only 24 hours prior to writing this testimonial and being told my eyes are 20/20 is truly amazing. There was ZERO pain involved prior to, during, or after the procedure. I thoroughly recommend the procedure to all interested and can ensure no one will be disappointed with the results.

Thank you to Dr. Caster and his staff for a great experience. You will all be in my thoughts in the future as my wife (also a patient) and I go on able to see each other and the world more clearly without the assistance of glasses or contacts.

Jodi Rowe - Psychotherapist

It is the most amazing thing to walk in without seeing well and walk out with 20/20 vision – like magic! I had no pain or discomfort at all during or after the procedure. I haven’t seen this well for 27 years. Everyone was great. Thanks.

Arleen Gershen - Psychotherapist and Mom

This procedure, technique and Dr. Caster’s skill are truly miraculous in every way. I’ve been highly myopic since age 7, needed glasses or contact lenses to function in the world. Now I can eliminate all of the paraphernalia that one must use when eyesight is poor – there is truly a feeling of freedom! I can see street signs, the clock in the middle of the night, and my children’s faces upon awakening. I currently live in Colorado but have made several visits to LA just so that Dr. Caster could perform the surgery. It was well worth it!

Nicholas A. Nguyen - Student

For most of my life, I’ve worn contacts or glasses and it has always been frustrating or limiting. Discovering Dr. Caster and his Lasik technique was life changing. This gives me the opportunity to thank Dr. Caster in writing and to show my appreciation.

Aron Lichtenberg - Manufacturing

When I started using glasses at the age of 18 my physical activities suffered as the result of the change of my vision. Even while wearing glasses I could not perform any sport with the same skill level.

Throughout the years to follow, my vision deteriorated to the point that I stopped many activities which required good vision, and I needed to wear my glasses. Some of these activities did not allow me to wear the glasses due to the level of physical activity. Now that I have 20/20 vision back, I am excited to recapture those activities.

The procedure is as simple as it can be. I have had no pain or discomfort one day after the procedure.

Ron Barks - Owner (Supplier-Fundraising Products)

I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure. But it went really smooth. There was absolutely no discomfort during the procedure. I have had no discomfort since the operation. In just 24 hours my vision is 20/25.

The cost of my Laser Surgery was the most worth while money I have spent in a long while.

Dr. Caster and his staff have been Great throughout. From my first visit through my follow up visit and exam. Thank you all very much!

Nancy Contreras - Student

First of all I would like to say Thank you to everyone for being so kind, to Dr. Caster for his wonderful job. I never thought that I would be able to see 20/20 without glasses! (Thanks for giving me a teddy to hug during the procedure!)

David Van Etten - Attorney

The entire experience was terrific. Dr. Caster and his entire staff are wonderful, caring professionals. The procedure, follow-up care, etc. were explained in detail. There were no surprises-everything was just as explained. It made an otherwise difficult and anxious time easy to tolerate. I believe that I received the best treatment available. I give Dr. Caster and his team an A+.

P.S. I can see great now and I can’t find the words to describe that feeling.

Richard Abrams - Retired Scientist/Mgr.

Surgery was remarkably easy
• Fast
• No pain
• Little anxiety
• Only mild discomfort (scratchy eyes) for a few hours after procedure.

Next morning-

• Dramatic improvement in vision
• No discomfort
• Eyes feel normal

Gordon Goodwin - Composer

30 years is a long time to live with a pair of eyes that seem to get more nearsighted with each passing year. I feared my disability was growing from an annoyance to a severe problem, yet I wasn’t too eager to put myself through Radial Keratotomy, the only surgical alternative I was aware of.

When I heard Dr. Caster describe the Lasik procedure on a local TV station here in Los Angeles, I immediately called the information number, feeling sure that I would be told my nearsightedness and astigmatism was too severe to be helped by this procedure, sorry, call back in ten years. I was surprised and excited to find out that I was in the range of patients that could be helped by the Lasik procedure. Barely in the range, but there nonetheless.

Throughout my pre-op care and up to the time of the actual procedure, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop – for Dr. Caster to say “Sorry, this ain’t gonna work because…” Well, he never said anything like that and before long I found myself staring up at a blinking red light as the laser fired, and 162 seconds later I could see better than I had since I was in fourth grade! It’s been three months since my surgery and I still marvel at what a miracle this procedure has been for me! I don’t use the word “miracle” lightly, but I’ve run out of adjectives to describe how cool this has been for me. Thanks Dr. Caster, YOU DA MAN!

Danielle Winter - Designer - Heidelberg, Germany

“It’s a miracle!! For the first time since I remember I can see clearly. I am so thankful to Dr. Caster. It’s like I can take a “second glance” at life. Thank you so much!”

Amy White - Graphic Designer

I feel great. I am 24 hours past the surgery and I can see so we..! I was so proud of myself for driving here without my glasses for the first time in 20 years! I recommend it to anyone who wants to be contact or glasses free – DO IT!

Lupe Vela - Recycling Manager – LA

Having been nearsighted since I was 4 years old. I had to deal with “coke bottle” lenses for a long time. I have used contact lenses for 22 years but as I got older they bothered me more often. Undergoing the surgery is an emotional experience. The next day I could see and drive without any assistance. If this surgery was available early on in my life, I would have a better image of myself. I now look forward to learning to swim and trying riskier sports. My family still can’t believe this!

Pam Stohl - Programmer/Analyst

The Lasik procedure was virtually painfree, and only took minutes to complete. I had thought about doing the procedure for 1 year, since it got approved for my extreme myopia (-10 diopters right eye, -8 left). Wish I had done it months ago!

The day after I’m seeing 20/30 – its unbelievable – I drove the day after. As Dr. Caster’s book claims, it’s truly a miracle.

Dr. Caster’s calm “bedside manner”, and the professionalism and friendliness of his staff helped to put many of my fears of the surgery aside. It was Dr. Caster’s calmness, in addition to his reputation that allowed me to choose him for this surgery.

I had worked with Dr. Hoff for 2 1/2 months prior to the surgery to try out “monovision” with soft contacts – his patience and personality were a joy to work with.

I highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Caster to anyone considering it. It has already made a difference in my life!

Amy Lawrence - Attorney

I’m amazed! The procedure was a snap – no pain, no discomfort, no anxiety (except, maybe – my own perfectionist anxiety during the “task” of staring at a red light without moving). Thrilled is an understatement. And I can’t believe that my vision is so clear just the next day – without any hint that I had surgery.