It was a pleasure helping Maryse Ouellet from Total Divas achieve 20/20 vision!

Chelsea Handler shares her Lasik experience with Dr. Caster and The Caster Eye Center located in Beverly Hills.

Guess who is seeing 20/20 today! Shay Mitchell thats who! Congratulations from Dr. Caster and the Caster Eye Center.


Dr. Caster discusses treatments for baby boomers on the NBC Today Show.

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CBS News anchor has Lasik by Dr. Caster, and explains it step by step!

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Former Lakers player Kurt Rambis at the Caster Eye Center where he underwent Lasik eye treatment.

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ONE YEAR LATER | My Honest PRK Laser Eye Experience

My Honest PRK Laser Eye Experience 2020 | Surgery & 11 Days Post Op

American Idol Steven Tyler has Lasik with Dr. Caster

Youtube star Nikki Philippi Getting Laser Eye surgery


Better Lasik is in sight

New technology more precisely measures imperfections and reduces post-op complications, doctors say. The FDA has approved two systems.

Lasik ‘breakthrough’rides a wave of light

Neither eyeglasses nor contacts worked for Kim Fonseca, 39, ofLos Angeles, a mother of two. She struggled with contacts and hated
the glare on her glasses

Lasik ‘breakthrough’rides a wave of light

Lasik: free consultation – $499 per eye.” Teaser ads such as this one promote the erroneous view that laser eye surgery is so simple that buyers should shop for…

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