Which Sunglasses are Healthiest for Your Eyes?

There is a lot of confusion regarding which sunglasses are actually best for your eyes. A lot of confusion. I hope this can “clear” things up for you. The first thing to understand is that sunlight is composed of many different types of light. Sunlight is white in color, but is a mixture of all … Read more

Do Blue Blocker Glasses Work?

The marketing campaign for blue blocker glasses is very strong. And who doesn’t get fatigue from working all day at a computer? But do blue blocker glasses really work? Are the benefits they claim fact or fiction? Unfortunately, there is no evidence that using blue blocker glasses at the computer lessens eye fatigue. No evidence — at … Read more

Eye Drops for Better Reading

Vuity is an eye drop that can help people over 40 to see better at close-up without using reading glasses or progressive glasses. Most patients rate the improvement as moderate. Vuity requires a prescription from a doctor. The cost for the drop is around $80 per month and is not covered by vision or health insurance. … Read more

Dr Caster The Magician

Leslie , A patient of Dr Caster's child draw a cartoon on him saying Thank you for treating her mother

Helping people day in and day out to improve their lives with Lasik laser vision correction is an incredibly satisfying career. I am so lucky to be able to improve life for so many people in such a significant way. It is very hard work, but the joy it brings to our patients is truly … Read more

Quoth My Ophthalmologist, ‘Nevermore.’

We have so many creative patients, and they are so passionate about the wonderful improvement in their lives from Laser Vision Correction. We received this email from Ross: The first morning after my Lasik procedure, I was hit with a stroke of creativity, written in the form of “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe. To … Read more

Will Covid-19 Cause an Epidemic of Nearsightedness in Children?

Doctors are worried that the Covid-19 pandemic will cause more children to develop severe levels of nearsightedness in the future. The Covid-19 virus itself does not cause nearsightedness. But because of the pandemic, two lifestyle factors have changed: 1) children are spending much less time outdoors, and 2) children are spending much more time looking … Read more

Lasik to Eliminate Reading Glasses

Man struggling to read with glasses in need of lasik in Los Angeles

My distance vision is pretty good and I only use glasses for close-up reading. Can Lasik in Los Angeles help me see and get rid of these reading glasses? There is nothing that makes you feel and look middle-aged more than reading glasses. And they are a big inconvenience! Yes, Lasik can help you to … Read more

Can We Cure Astigmatism?

woman having eyesight examined for laser eye surgery

Almost every person has astigmatism. Astigmatism means that the eye is not perfectly symmetrical — no one’s eye is exactly, perfectly shaped. So, instead of the cornea (the front of the eye) being shaped like a basketball, it is shaped a little like the side of a football. In other words, there is more curvature … Read more

What Causes Nearsightedness?

What causes nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, means that you see better near than far. This is corrected using glasses, contact lenses, or through refractive surgery such as Lasik surgery in Los Angeles, PRK, Smile, or ICL. There is an international epidemic of nearsightedness sweeping the world. Nearsightedness usually develops in children or young adults. Approximately one-third … Read more