Matthew Feitshans - Writer

Having been in need of glasses and contacts all my life, I was jealous of those with “perfect vision”. When I heard about the Lasik procedure, I knew it was something I wanted to do. I was nervous, however, about “going blind” or having some scarring or “ghosting” to my vision after the procedure. What made me ultimately decide was listening to a man who had it done himself. He described waking up the morning after the surgery and seeing perfectly. His happiness and joy were infectious. The procedure was not painful. A slight discomfort during the operation was only about 20 seconds in duration, and the technicians were making jokes and creating a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere. Afterward, I took a pain pill, but didn’t really need it. My excitement at seeing 60% better immediately following the procedure made me forget any discomfort or apprehension!

Jennifer Kantor - Auditor

My experience with Dr. Caster, and his staff was wonderful. Everyone was very helpful and patient, as well as talented and experienced.

Having worn glasses and contacts since 5th grade. I couldn’t believe that it was possible to see without them. My surgery went superb, with 20/25 results in one eye after 24 hours and 20/30 results in the other. At day four, I am already at 20/20 in my right eye, and my left eye is still getting sharper ( As of today- Its only been 24 hours since my left eye surgery – since I did one on Monday and the other eye on Thursday).

This experience will change my life. It’s so nice to wake up in the middle of the night and see the alarm clock, as well as being able to go swimming or do any water activity without worrying.

As far as the procedure goes – no pain, no discomfort – just 4 – 6 minutes in a chair with several qualified, wonderful doctors and staff there to walk you through this miracle of a procedure.

As would be anyone, I was nervous. But that’s normal. When I felt no pain and no discomfort, I was floored. Then the next day – I drove myself to my follow up appointment and I was reading license plates easily. I couldn’t believe it.

I would recommend Dr. Caster with the highest regard. His expertise, combined with his down to earth, caring personality, made me feel that I was in the best care. Thank You Dr. Caster.

Renate Taylor - Caterer

Care and procedure very good. Everyone more than caring and friendly. To be highly recommended.

Sandra Heffesse - Psychologist Ph.D.

It has been such a positive and exciting experience to have this surgery done.! The staff was so supportive and cheerful. It is incredible that such an easy procedure can be done today! It changes not only the way one looks, but also the way you see yourself in front of others and why not, the way you see yourself. This has been one of the “good” choices I made –- and I waited so long! Thank you for your professionalism Dr. Caster!

Max Wojcik - Computer Consultant

1. Entire procedure was painless.
2. Everyone gave as much information as you needed or requested to put you at ease.
3. No pain, discomfort after the procedure.
4. Entire staff just great.
5. Everyone and I mean everyone who wears glasses should have this procedure performed.

Doug Forsyth - Theatre Technical Director

For over 20 years I’ve worn glasses and for over 20 years I wished I didn’t have to. As a youth I dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot, but was told I needed to have 20/20 vision which I didn’t have. As I went through life almost all of the activities I enjoyed doing couldn’t be enjoyed to there fullest because I always had to wear glasses or contacts. Now as an adult I am able to realize my childhood dream of having 20/20 vision. To say that I now see the world in a whole new light is an understatement. The gift I have recently received from Dr. Caster, Dr. Hoff and the entire staff at the Caster Eye Center is truly amazing. I can’t thank them enough.

Jason K. Peters, O.D. - Optometrist

I can’t thank you enough for restoring my vision. Thanks to your expert surgical skills I can see without the inconvenience of contacts or the discomfort of glasses. I have the utmost confidence in referring my own patients into your care for Lasik surgery. I would also like to thank Dr. James Hoff and your friendly staff for their kindness and professionalism. Thank you again for the gift of sight you have given me.

Suzanne Coskllo - Consultant

Went great from 1st walking in to post op. He’s a genius and everyone at the office is great. Great focus on patients comfort and they do everything to lessen patients anxiety.

Peter W. Snow - Flight Attendant

Well, I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can recall. At least since the second grade. I use to fall asleep at night wishing I could wake up with perfect eyesight. I am the youngest of five in my family and the only one who wore glasses.

When I finally got contact lenses in High School I thought that was the greatest day but those too became a burden especially in the dry atmosphere of the airplane cabin.

I spoke with some colleagues of mine who spoke very highly of Dr. Caster and his staff. I have to say I agree. Everything was explained very clearly and I felt very relaxed throughout.

When I woke up this morning-the day after the procedure-my dread had come true-Perfect Eyesight! Finally N Contacts and No Glasses!

I can’t recommend Dr. Caster and his staff enough! Thank you so much!

Brian Fettone - Film Editor

Words can’t express the feeling I had this morning. I would recommend the procedure to anyone who has bee wearing contacts or glasses. It’s like a new vision (I can’t even remember if I ever saw this clearly before). I’m definitely telling everybody. Hey you want to see again, go see Dr. Caster.

Jim Lloyd - Sales Manager

Upon waking up the morning after my surgery, it was an amazing experience looking out my window and seeing the tops of the trees across the street clearer than I have ever seen them. Even with a brand new pair of glasses, when I went outside to look around, my neighbor was picking up his newspaper and asked me what I was looking at, I told him I was just checking out “my new eyes”! What an awesome experience!

Oscar Esparza - Q.C. Manager

The staff was very professional, beginning with the front staff to the surgeon himself, Dr. Caster. Everyone I spoke to prior to coming to the office was knowledgeable. Patty explained and answered most of my questions that I had.

Upon arriving to the office to see if I would qualify as a candidate, everyone greeted and acted very professionally. The staff that measured my eyes were great. The staff (Stuart) that attended me before surgery was super great. Dr. Hoff was very nice and answered most that I anticipated to know.

Dr. Caster was very nice and I would encourage anyone who is considering having Lasik done to have it done by a well trained staff and surgeon, Dr. Caster.

Rose Rachal - Manager

Excellent, caring staff. They make sure the patient is well informed. Excellent results!! Would pay 2 times as much for this!

Ross Markowitz - Director

This procedure was fast, painless and fast. I had such a great experience. I will recommend this to everyone who is still wearing glasses or contacts. Thank you! Thank you and again thank you. Don’t let the cast burden you from the freedom of not wearing glasses. The pay off is huge.

James Barnes - Comm. Services Director

The staff was very helpful and was excellent when discussing all the procedure. The process was totally painless. My wife was particularly pleased to be included in the process all the way through. Thanks for the professionalism and great outcome.

Kenneth F. Guarino - Consultant

I can only say that viewing the operation was the most impressionable part of the procedure. The day after the viewing when I underwent the procedure, I was too excited to be afraid. I am one day post op and the thrill of waking up and not have to reach for my glasses to see is an unbelievable feeling. My vision is now 20/20, Dr. Caster and his staff are miracle workers!