Sid Doshi - Scientist

Dear Dr. Caster & Dr. Hoff & staff,
Your office is such a comfortable & friendly environment- it took the edge off undergoing this procedure. Fast, easy, painless, comfortable, clean, neat, organized, quality tools & equipment- a pleasurable experience overall- are the memories I’ll have about this experience.
Thank You, Sid

Katherine A. Steinberg - A very grateful patient

Oh my Goodness! You’ve done it, you’ve all really done it!
I don’t think that a simple thank you is adequate to describe the gratitude I feel for what you have been able to achieve on my behalf. For the first time in over forty years, I am able to wake in the morning and see the world without the assistance of corrective lens. I am certain you hear this all the time but, what an incredible feeling this is!!!


Your wonderful staff, all smiles and gentle manners, greeted me and immediately put me at ease. Laura, cheerfully and patiently explained and answered all of my inquires about the Lasik procedure. The amicable Roman took me and examined and measured my eyes with all your space age equipment. Then, Dr. Hoff, who is nothing short of brilliant in his approach to discover and demonstrate just the right the balance of correction, gave me the much needed confidence to proceed. Miss Cindy, who readied me for the procedure, using her personal experience with Lasik surgery, put me in a frame of mind to deal with everything that was about to happen.
Then the master took over. Dr. Caster, in matter of seconds, you were able to free me from my normally blurry world and gave me a new wonderful view. I am truly indebted to you and your entire staff for my new outlook, so to speak. Thank you all soooooo much!

Fredy Alvarez - Realtor

I had a great experience with Dr. Caster. He has given my eyes back to me. I could not believe I was actually reading the signs on the freeway without my glasses. Thanks a lot to you Dr. Caster I will recommend all of my friends to you. Best wishes and Good luck!
P. S. if you need to sell your home or anybody in your staff please feel free to call at (818) 219-6749 I work on call and I do make house calls

Larry Berman - Attorney

I am a professional in a service business. I tell everyone with whom I come in contact with that I have never experienced service at this level. Additionally, although I had terrible to start with (-10 in both eyes), the very next day I had twenty-twenty vision.
To go from my vision to perfect vision the next day is truly amazing.

Denise Katz - Television; Manpower scheduler

This is phenomenal! I never thought about having eye surgery before a couple coworkers had it done. The minute I walked in I felt Comfortable and taken care of. Dr. Caster, Dr. Hoff and the ENTIRE staff were so nice, professional and informative my fears started to go away and the excitement started talking over. I never wondered what would happen next because everyone took such care in explaining the procedure. I can say with complete honesty I would not have done this any place else. I want to thank everyone-Laura, Melissa, Veronica, Cindy, Alicia, Diane, Roman, Patti, Dr. Hoff and Dr. Caster for my New eyes!

Barbara Garmon - Business owner

I’m more than pleased to add my testimonial to the thousands before me.
It’s been less than 24 hours since my procedure and the results are 100% perfect Thank you all. It’s been a pleasure.

Karen Ashkenazi - Buyer

I couldn’t be happier being able to see when I wake up in the morning. The procedure seemed scary at first but after just going through it last week, I can sincerely say that I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort. Dr. Caster, Sydney, Cindy, his staff …everyone was so supportive. They walked me through everything and there were no surprises.
I high recommend this to anyone considering it.


Thank you again for changing my life.

John Ross Bowie - Actor / Writer

The morning after the procedure, I got up at 6 am- before my toddler. Amd just wandered around the house, looking at stuff. Thank you thank you thank you for restoring my vision. After 25+ years of corrective lenses my only problem is that I now know how bad my handwriting is. Oh well….


Thanks again!

Dana Gardner - Hair & Makeup Agent

Thank you to all the amazing staff at Caster Eye Center! I was very excited (but anxious) about my procedure but everyone made me feel so comfortable. There were no surprises and every part of the process was simple and pain free! Dr. Caster is so patient and nice and he answered all of my questions so by the time I was laying on the table I was totally at ease. Sidney was also super helpful with her emails with answeres to some of my questions prior to surgery. I’m so exited to see everything so clearly just one day after procedure! Its like magic! I can’t wait to tell all my glasses or contact wearing friednds all about Dr Caster. I had the BEST experience. Thank you all so much !

Kristen Forbes -

Dear Dr. Caster & Associates,

Thank you for giving me not only great vision but a fantastic experience everytime I visit. From the very first consultation to my incredibly fast Lasik to each and every follow-up visit, this has been an amazing experience! The staff is fantastic and always very nice and welcoming! All my friends know that I am so excited everytime I have a visit to your offices and I let anyone who asks know that for the first time in 25 years (and I’m only 29) that I’ve got vision without glasses! Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! XO

James Weinberger - Illustrator

Dear Dr.Caster,


When i first heard of what you had done for my friends. I was intrigued, and decided to make Lasik a goal in my twenties… And Before too long I found of abandoning my glasses permanently.However,as an artist Iam very protective of my eyes, And I was admitted by terrified to allow the whole thing to take place.You’ve got a great staff surrounding you, a Golden Name (And some strange and wonderful drugs.) Simply put, It took only several hours post-surgery for me to appreciate your skill in your craft; and to be happy to have trusted you…..And that is what I would say to my friends with glasses: “you can trust andrew caster. Think this is the highest possible praise; thank you so much for new. Hawk eyes. [My life is beautifully changed.]

Dana Hanrahan - Teacher

Dear. Dr. Andrew Caster & Staff,

I can’t thank you enough for the gift of sight! The morning after surgery I could see 20/20. No more contacts or galsses again! It has been amazing to wake up in the morning & actually see what is around me. I will recommend Andrew CAster to everyone I know. Caster Eye Center’s staff were so kind, caring and just all around wonderful. They made me feel comfortable the day fo the surgery and through the whole process. Dr. Caster did such an amazing job. I felt little to no pain throughout the procedure as well as after the surgery. I will highly recommend Lasik to all my friends & family. Thank You, thank you, thank you Dr. Caster!!! I couldn’t be happier with the results.

J. J. Huang -

I can’t believe I just have surgery to my eyes! When I woke up this morning right after the procedure, I can actually see without reaching for my glasses, it is just simply amazing! A thousand thanks to everyone in Dr. Caster’s staff and Dr. Caster himself. To me, this is nothing short of miracle! I just can’t believe I can do scuba diving without dealing with contact lenses or prescription mask! Life will be so much easier from now on!