Retired Motorcycle Enthusiast

After 30 years of contact and the problems with dust, I looked forward to perfect eyesight and no contacts. When other doctors wanted to schedule me immediately for the procedure, Dr. Caster advised I wait 3 months after I was out of the hard contacts to give my eyes time to adjust, I could see Dr. Caster was concerned for me by obtaining the best results whereas the other doctors were only interest in quick results. The procedure was a non-event. It was over almost before it began. There was no pain and the immediate results were beyond belief. After 11 years, my eyesight is still beyond belief. Every day I appreciate having made the choice. Each year, I look forward to my visit to Dr. Caster! Sidney, Laura, Roman, Dr. Caster and the rest of the staff are like old friends. I only have 1 pair of eyes, and I entrusted them to the best, Dr. Caster.

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