Lasik to Eliminate Reading Glasses

Man struggling to read with glasses in need of lasik in Los Angeles

My distance vision is pretty good and I only use glasses for close-up reading. Can Lasik in Los Angeles help me see and get rid of these reading glasses? There is nothing that makes you feel and look middle-aged more than reading glasses. And they are a big inconvenience! Yes, Lasik can help you to …

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Your Lasik Should Be Completely Pain-Free

There is not just one way to perform Laser Vision Correction treatment. Each medical practice has its own specific way of performing Lasik, including the way that it performs the important measurements, the equipment that is used for each of the two main steps of Lasik, and the formulas and calculations used to program the …

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How Lasik Can Up Your Golf Game

Golf Game

  If you’re an avid golfer, or even a fan, you understand how much of a visual game golf is. If your vision is growing poor, or if you have always struggled with having vision that needs correction, you might benefit greatly from Lasik. Lasik has been proven to increase athletes’ abilities to play golf. …

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Infection Risk for Those Who Wear Contacts

Serious infection is always something eye doctors worry about a great deal. Infections can cause scarring of the cornea with a partial loss of vision, possibly requiring an operation to return the vision to normal. A recent study reviewed the scientific literature to compare the serious infection rates for people wearing contact lenses to people …

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Dealing with Dry Eyes after Lasik

Spring is upon us and with that comes the many allergies and attacks our vision is likely to struggle to overcome. One of the conditions we tend to struggle with is known as dry eye syndrome. Just about everyone will experience dry eyes at one point in their lifetime. Dry eyes are quite common, and …

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Patients with Thin Corneas Can Achieve Correction with Lasik

Have you ever been told that your eyes are in need of laser vision correction surgery, but you could not undergo the procedure because your corneas were too thin? Well now there is hope! In a recent study comparing the results of Lasik in patients with thin corneas versus thick corneas, researchers found that the …

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