Your Lasik Should Be Completely Pain-Free

There is not just one way to perform Laser Vision Correction treatment. Each medical practice has its own specific way of performing Lasik, including the way that it performs the important measurements, the equipment that is used for each of the two main steps of Lasik, and the formulas and calculations used to program the two different lasers used during Lasik.

For the first step of Lasik, most doctors use a laser that pushes on the eye, creating a sense of pressure or even some pain. We use a laser that is so gentle that there is absolutely no pain. Lasik at the Caster Eye Center is pain-free, just the way you want it.

For the second step, we use the only laser that actually improves night vision compared to glasses or contacts. This means that after Lasik at the Caster Eye Center, the average patient has better night vision, with less night glare and halos, than they had before Lasik when wearing their glasses or contact lenses. And now they don’t need to fuss with the glasses and contacts! Win, win!

Few Lasik centers in the world can offer the advanced laser technology used at the Caster Eye Center combined with the critical professional experience of our doctor (Dr. Andrew Caster) and our staff. Dr. Caster has personally performed over 30,000 treatments, and our clinical staff members have each been with Dr. Caster for more than twenty years. This combination of equipment and professional expertise allows us to provide you with the ultimate Lasik experience – pain-free Lasik with improved day and night vision.