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Google Reviews

Whitley SullivanWhitley Sullivan
05:57 12 Apr 24
Dr. Andrew Caster is hands down the best eye doctor! A few years ago I received Lasik eye surgery from Dr.Caster.I will continuously recommend him and his team to EVERYONE. I can live my life now with 20/20 clear vision...and i havent had that in YEARS. it is life changing. IF you want to upgrade your vision and have a better quialty of life through Lasik. Dr.Caster is the best in the business!
Leah TolentinoLeah Tolentino
13:42 10 Apr 24
The staff are very hospitable. very friendly.very professional. The place is so clean.. and Laura is very kind. Dr Caster is the best .. Highly recomended.” lasik” is Dr. Caster.I’m so happy that I decided to do the lasik .Happy Happy Happy!!!
17:23 05 Apr 24
What an amazing experience! I don’t know why I waited so long to do this! Dr. Castor and the team gave me the opportunity to SEE without my glasses. I wanted to give a shoutout to CRYSTAL, for encouraging me to take this amazing step to better my life. From the moment that I walked into the office Crystal made me feel comfortable, as she greeted me with a warm smile. I was feeling excited and full of emotions, that were soothed by her personality and her assurance that I was going to be okay. The office is elegant, but with an essence of warmth and coziness. Laura, made me feel right at home, she walked me through the financial process and reassured me I was in great hands. Shoutout to Laura, she is amazing!!!Alicia, made me feel safe as she walked me through the process, she allowed me to see all the amazing technology and tools being used, for the procedure. I had so many questions that were all answered, there is plenty of time and opportunity to ask and feel comfortable and assured. It’s amazing how they triple check that everything is correct and really make you feel safe. The team does an amazing job walking you through the process and priming you until the time of the procedure. Roman does an amazing job taking care of all the testing before the procedure. Lastly, DR. CASTOR!!!!!!! The man of the hour! Such an professional! He came in and answered my final questions and made me feel safe. The procedure was so fast, and amazing. I can’t believe that I wired this long! The technology they use is so modern that it’s amazing what they are able to do here, they truly change peoples lives! To think that I’m less than 24hrs I was going to have 20/20 vision is truly amazing.Forever grateful with the team. I look forward to enjoying my life without glasses!With lots of love, respect and gratitude,Jasmin Franco
Mark FreyMark Frey
18:16 04 Apr 24
I had lasix completed in 2003 , twenty one years of excellent vision . Dr Caster is the very best for your vision. I highly recommend seeing him if you are considering Lasix .
madison swensonmadison swenson
17:52 15 Mar 24
I recently visited Caster Eye Center for a procedure, and I must say, from the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and at ease. Crystal at the front desk greeted me warmly, setting a positive tone for my experience. Laura, the coordinator, was incredibly helpful, working with me every step of the way. And Dr. Castor performed the procedure with the utmost professionalism. Overall, my experience at Caster Eye Center was exceptional, and I highly recommend getting lasik with them. I will forever be grateful
Scott FengScott Feng
15:57 15 Mar 24
The best experience I've had, LASIK is quick and painless with Dr. Caster!He explained everything thoroughly and the staff were friendly and thoughtful in providing after treatment care.Thank you for fixing my astigmatism and restoring my sight!
Dina HatoumDina Hatoum
05:11 15 Mar 24
If you’re going to get lasik done, I beg of you please go to Dr. Caster. I have never worked with a team of people in a medical capacity that genuinely made me feel like family from the moment I walked in the door for my consultation until the moment I left after my procedure. Obviously getting a procedure done with your eyes is terrifying, and everyone knew how anxious I was about it, but the way they eased my tensions and walked me through everything was not only professional but so calming. Shout out to Crystal, Laura, Roman, Aurora and of course Dr. Caster. What an extraordinary team. Dr. Caster even personally called me the evening of my procedure to check on me and make sure I was doing alright. I have my post op appointment tomorrow and I am genuinely excited to go back and see all my friends at the office. The experience was beautiful. Dr. Caster is the only option for lasik in Los Angeles as far as I’m concerned. And it hasn’t even been a full 24 hours yet and my vision is the best it’s ever been. It’s a miracle. Thank you Dr. Caster and team. I LOVE YOU GUYS! ❤️❤️❤️❤️