What Happens If You Move Or Blink During Lasik?

Many people who are contemplating about Lasik surgery express various concerns. One of the questions that are brought to our staff’s attention quite often is, “What if I move during my procedure? Or What if I blink during my procedure? Will I mess it up?” Although these fears are commonly thought of, they do not require your concern or worry. Learn more about how the procedure is done and if you can move or blink during lasik?


Our licensed professionals are fully aware that the eye moves about sixty times per second and are prepared for this occurrence during your surgery. Dr. Caster says fear of blinking during the procedure is needless. During your surgery your eye is held open by what we call a retractor and causes no discomfort. The laser has an automatic eye tracker which will follow the eye as it makes tiny movements. If the eye happens to make rapid movements, the laser will automatically turn off and start again once the eye stops. We can also turn the laser off manually any time we like.


The fear of some tragedy happening due to eye movement is literally nonexistent. The beauty of science and this laser technology is that even if you sneezed, coughed, blinked, fell off the bed, or endured an earthquake, you would be able to get right back to your surgery and the laser would proceed to remodel the eye as if nothing had even happened due to the way the laser adjusts itself.


Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities and we want to ensure that you have all of the information you need prior to your surgery date. Patients particularly experience less glare than they had before surgery and vision correction results are very impressive!


For more information about your visit with Dr. Caster and his staff at their laser eye center in Los Angeles, contact our office to schedule a consultation and we will help you understand the truth about laser vision correction.