The Post Lasik Eyepatch Myth – Fact or Fiction?

A common misconception about Lasik is that you cannot see right after surgery. However, you will be able to see right after leaving our office (with some slight fuzziness). Nearly all of our patients gain at least the legal driving requirement (20/40) and can return to work the next day!

Lasik Technology

In order to understand the recovery from Lasik surgery, first we must consider the procedure involved. Currently we use WaveLight Allegretto, which is one of the leading lasers used in the industry. With the use of this modern technology, the shape of the cornea is adjusted to suit your prescription. Therefore, there is no stitching or needles involved during the surgery.

No eye patches or bandages are necessary during the healing process. Although, it is suggested to wear protective goggles for 6 nights following surgery, there is no need to leave the clinic with full protective patches. Only extremely faint scars on the eyes are detectable under a microscope.

Post Surgery

Medicine Net states that there are some symptoms to be aware of following surgery:

  • Vision blurriness
  • Excessive tears or watering
  • Light sensitivity
  • Hazy vision
  • Glare
  • Reddened or bloodshot eyes

All of these symptoms should clear up within the first few days after surgery. Each individual heals differently, but your vision will improve and stabilize as the final vision results stabilize within a few months.

Minor complications are rare, but may occur depending on each individual’s healing response. Contact your eye surgeon should you experience increased discomfort a week after surgery, a significant decline in vision or abnormal swelling, redness or discharge.

The Lasik Myth Debunked and Peace of Mind
Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority here at Caster Vision Center. Being well-informed is the first step in discovering if you are a candidate for Lasik eye surgery. Should you have any concerns, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our laser eye center in Los Angeles.