Lasik: Is it True, Wounds and Flaps Never Heal?

Myth:  A common concern about Lasik surgery is that the corneal flap will never heal. To break it down quite simply…give it some time. In the early days after Lasik, wounds should be handled with great care because that’s when the eye is most vulnerable and susceptible to trauma. The flap is basically being held into place by osmotic pressure and even excessive eye rubbing could dislodge it. After just about any surgery, your body needs time to heal and trauma can disrupt the healing process.


Fact: After a few weeks or so, the outer layer of the cornea has had a chance to regenerate and the flap is more firmly in place. That being said, extra care should be taken when engaging in sports or other activities where your eye could be touched or hit. If you happen to take part in sports such as boxing, we recommend the PRK method of laser vision correction.


By or around the three-month mark, the flap has become even more secure and enough healing has occurred for trauma concerns to dwindle significantly. Cells have produced adhesive proteins essentially bonding the flap down firmly enough to lessen extreme concern. Keep in mind that whether or not you’ve had Lasik, severe eye trauma is always a problem and should of course always be avoided.


We understand that choosing Lasik is an important decision that takes thought and consideration. Please don’t hesitate to contact Caster Eye Center if you still have concerns or questions about this procedure or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Caster. We are here to help you on your quest for better vision.