Eye Drops for Better Reading

Vuity is an eye drop that can help people over 40 to see better at close-up without using reading glasses or progressive glasses. Most patients rate the improvement as moderate. Vuity requires a prescription from a doctor. The cost for the drop is around $80 per month and is not covered by vision or health insurance. … Read more

Quoth My Ophthalmologist, ‘Nevermore.’

We have so many creative patients, and they are so passionate about the wonderful improvement in their lives from Laser Vision Correction. We received this email from Ross: The first morning after my Lasik procedure, I was hit with a stroke of creativity, written in the form of “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe. To … Read more

Can We Cure Astigmatism?

woman having eyesight examined for laser eye surgery

Almost every person has astigmatism. Astigmatism means that the eye is not perfectly symmetrical — no one’s eye is exactly, perfectly shaped. So, instead of the cornea (the front of the eye) being shaped like a basketball, it is shaped a little like the side of a football. In other words, there is more curvature … Read more

Lasik in Military Personnel

Laser vision correction has quietly become one of our nation’s most important military weapons! By maximizing the vision of our fighters, we gain a substantial edge over our adversaries. Soldiers are often asked to perform their tasks in very difficult situations — dry, dusty, foggy, dark, windy, wet, underwater, muggy, etc. These situations make vision … Read more

Famous Professional Golfer Rory McIlroy’s Lasik Surgery

Rory McIlroy is one of many famous athletes who have had Lasik eye surgery in order to help improve their game. This past December, McIlroy finally had Lasik surgery after admitting he had wanted the procedure done since he was eighteen years old. Unfortunately, he had been worried if the procedure would go wrong. However, … Read more

UV Light — What Does It Do To the Eyes?

The sun contains a form of invisible light which is called ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light is much higher energy than the light we can see, and causes the skin to tan but also age, burn, and develop skin cancer. The melanin in your skin, which is more prevalent in darker skinned individuals, protects your … Read more

Zika Virus Can Affect the Eyes

The first instances of Zika virus infection were noted in Brazil two years ago. As of today, it is estimated that there are over one million people in Brazil that are infected. Infected indiviuals are also present in other South American and Caribbean nations. The Zika virus is transmitted through mosquito bites. The mosquito is … Read more

Can We Prevent Nearsightedness from Advancing in Young Children?

Can We Prevent Nearsightedness from Advancing in Young Children?   Nearsightedness that increases every year is common in school-aged children. First, there is a small amount of nearsightedness and then it advances as the child or teenager grows. Is there any way to slow down this progression?   First of all, many things have been … Read more

Zeiss Technology makes Lasik Completely Pain-Free

zeiss technology

Caster Eye Center utilizes the Zeiss VisuMax laser for the first step of the Lasik procedure. The Zeiss technology takes on average 16 seconds per treatment and is enitrely pain-free. Lasik using other laser technologies involves only a minimal amount of discomfort, but the Zeiss laser takes this process one step farther to the point … Read more

Keep those contact lenses clean!

Every day, many Americans suffer vision loss due to careless hygiene with their contact lenses. Bacteria are everywhere, and if they start growing in the contact lens the eye can become infected. This is a corneal ulcer, which is very painful and can cause significant loss of vision if not immediately treated. After the corneal … Read more