Do Lasik Eye Surgeons Allow Lasers to do all the Work?

A common myth that seems to travel amongst patients who are about to undergo Lasik surgery is that the laser computer does all of the work. So patients’ have this idea that they will be going into surgery all by themselves with no one in the room, only a laser computer. Does a laser computer really do all of the work? Not exactly. Indeed, the laser is going to be remodeling the cornea and making the adjustments to the eye itself, but just like any other electronic device, there needs to be an operator.


As it goes for Lasik, Dr. Caster will be the one to analyze your test results and decide what the best course of action for your vision will be. The doctor then programs the laser specifically to the patient’s needs and monitors the entire procedure, not only to ensure safety but optimal results. Dr. Caster says that in the future we may have self-driving cars and planes but as of this day and time, they all need pilots and the same goes for Lasik. To read more debunked myths about Lasik surgery.

Your questions are important to us at Caster Eye Center and we want you to feel as safe and comfortable as humanly possible. Most patients who suffer from vision issues dream of getting Lasik because they are convinced that all of their vision problems will be solved but, some patients are not ideal candidates for this procedure.

There are alternatives for those who cannot benefit from Lasik surgery. It just depends on the patient’s needs and if Dr. Caster is certain that Lasik is beneficial for your vision.

If you want to find out if Lasik is the rightful procedure for your vision fill out our patient form to request a consultation with Dr. Caster and discuss your goals and needs for laser vision correction.