Lasik is about Personal Freedom

After our basic needs such as food and shelter are taken care of, one of the most important things to human beings is the need for freedom. For many people in the world, basic freedoms are still not available, and of course in the United States we are always striving to improve upon and expand the freedoms that we all so enjoy. And the idea of freedom expands to include individual concepts of freedom — freedom of personal lifestyle, freedom to pursue our individual interests, freedom to enjoy personal fulfillment.

Maybe no other medical procedure creates more freedom than Lasik. Freedom from constraints on lifestyle. Freedom from hassle. Freedom to be a more complete and normally functioning person.

Patients are always telling me how Lasik has made them freer. Freedom from glasses. Freedom from contacts. Freedom to get up in the middle of the night and see. Freedom to swim. Freedom from smudge marks on their glasses. Freedom from irritation from the contacts. Freedom to always have their vision with them, ready to go.

I am struck by how profoundly Lasik affects a person’s sense of themselves and their feeling of personal freedom. Not only can you do more, with less hassle, but you feel more free, and more complete. Not bad for a painless, five-minute procedure!