Custom Wavefront Lasik improves night vision… Better than contacts or glasses.

Custom Wavefront Lasik at Caster Eye Center means better night vision on average than you are used to with your glasses or contact lenses.

Human beings see best during the daytime — we evolved to hunt and find food in the daylight. Other animals evolved to see best at nighttime. At night, we would hide in our cave and try not to be eaten by the nighttime hunters. But now, in modern civilization, we want to see well during the day and at night. Enter Custom Wavefront Lasik, which improves upon nature and improves night vision beyond the vision with glasses or contacts. Only Custom Wavefront treatment with the Allegretto laser can do this. Only Custom Wavefront Lasik with the Allegretto laser actually improves night vision in the average patient beyond the vision with glasses or contacts, and without the daily hassle of glasses and contacts. At the Caster Eye Center, we perform Custom Wavefront Lasik with the Allegretto laser, to create the best day and night time vision possible. On average, better vision than with glasses or contacts.

Lasik Means Freedom.

Freedom…from glasses and contacts. Freedom!