Famous Professional Golfer Rory McIlroy’s Lasik Surgery

Rory McIlroy is one of many famous athletes who have had Lasik eye surgery in order to help improve their game. This past December, McIlroy finally had Lasik surgery after admitting he had wanted the procedure done since he was eighteen years old. Unfortunately, he had been worried if the procedure would go wrong. However, after a successful surgery he was reassured his worries were not necessary for he saw amazing results during recovering just a week afterward.

McIlroy had always struggled with his eyes especially during summer when his allergies would act up. The consistent rubbing of his eyes would irritate his contact lenses and only make his vision blurry. This drastically affected his performance during golf matches and tournaments. So far, he has stated that he is completely relieved that he does not have to worry about contact lenses anymore. His putting and short game have enormously improved.

“My vision is so sharp,” he stated in an interview, “It has helped my putting, helped me read the lines on the greens, where there is definitely room for improvement.” McIlroy is one of many people who questioned whether or not they should undergo Lasik eye surgery, and he like many others immediately reaped the amazing benefits of the safe procedure. No matter the occupation, Lasik will improve your performance and rid you of any burden that come with glasses and contact lenses.