Zeiss Technology makes Lasik Completely Pain-Free

Caster Eye Center utilizes the Zeiss VisuMax laser for the first step of the Lasik procedure. The Zeiss technology takes on average 16 seconds per treatment and is enitrely pain-free. Lasik using other laser technologies involves only a minimal amount of discomfort, but the Zeiss laser takes this process one step farther to the point that it is completely pain-free!

Another nice aspect of the Zeiss VisuMax laser technology is that the patient maintains vision throughout the entire procedure. Using other Lasik technologies, during the treatment the eye is covered for around 20 seconds, and therefore the patient cannot see during the process. For some people maintaining vision throughout the procedure makes the process much easier.

We at the Caster Eye Center are subspecialists in Lasik laser vision correction. All we do is laser vision correction. As subspecialists, we maintain the newest and most advanced equipment available and bring this high level of expertise to every patient that we treat.