Do Not Play Golf With Progressive Glasses or Bifocals

If you are over 45 years old and play golf, do you wear your progressive lenses or bifocals on the golf course? Most golfers I speak to do. That is a mistake!

Progressive glasses or bifocals use the bottom part of the glasses to allow for sharp focus up close, such as when you are reading. When you play golf, most people look through the bottom of the glasses, the part for near vision. The problem with this is it causes distortions in the vision at other distances and this is not helpful when playing golf.

Instead, use a pair of distance-only glasses for golf, and watch your scores go down. I have recommended this to many of my golfing friends, and they thank me a lot for this advice. And also, always, always, always wear sunglasses when golfing or any other extended activity outside! The UV light is very harmful to the health of your eyes over time.