Lasik is about Personal Freedom

After our basic needs such as food and shelter are taken care of, one of the most important things to human beings is the need for freedom. For many people in the world, basic freedoms are still not available, and of course in the United States we are always striving to improve upon and expand […]

Is LASIK for you?

There is a good chance that someone you know has had a LASIK procedure to permanently correct his or her vision. As of 2011, about 16 million LASIK vision correction procedures have been performed since its approval by the FDA, making LASIK one of the most commonly performed medical procedures in the world. It is […]

I want to see better without all this hassle. I hate my bifocals, and when I wear my contacts I need reading glasses on top of them (I am 48 years old!). What can I do?

Lasik laser vision correction can correct your vision in the same way that your contacts do. We can eliminate your contact lenses and give you excellent distance vision, without glasses or contact lenses. Because you are over 45 years old, you have an additional problem that younger people do not have, which is the farsightedness […]

Rubbing Your Eyes is Bad, Bad, Bad

Many people like to rub their eyes. They get sore, feel a little itchy, and a good rub makes them feel a lot better. Many of my patients like to rub their eyes in the morning just as a part of waking up. What almost everyone (except your eye doctor) doesn’t know is how bad […]

Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis

onjunctivitis is one of the most common and easily treatable ocular conditions affecting both adults and children. To ensure complete clearing of the condition, it is important to differentiate between allergic conjunctivitis, vernal keratoconjunctivtis (VKC) and other diseases that may have similar symptoms. Allergic conjunctivitis, VKC and diseases, such as uveitis and chalazia, require different […]

Vision in Preschoolers

Vision disorders are the fourth most common disability in the United States and comprise the most widespread handicapping condition in childhood. Early detection of vision problems, such as amblyopia, strabismus, and significant refractive error, ensures effective treatment and arrest the further development of many of these conditions. Yet <15 % of preschool children undergo a […]

LASIK: A Viable Choice for Patients Over 40

Baby boomers who want to rid themselves of their contact lenses should consider laser in-situ kertomileusis (LASIK) surgery as a viable option. Although LASIK traditionally has been considered less effective in individuals >40 years of age, a study shows new techniques offer better outcomes for middle aged and older patients. In this retrospective consecutive cases […]