Your Lasik Should Be Completely Pain-Free

There is not just one way to perform Laser Vision Correction treatment. Each medical practice has its own specific way of performing Lasik, including the way that it performs the important measurements, the equipment that is used for each of the two main steps of Lasik, and the formulas and calculations used to program the … Read more

How Lasik Can Up Your Golf Game

Golf Game

  If you’re an avid golfer, or even a fan, you understand how much of a visual game golf is. If your vision is growing poor, or if you have always struggled with having vision that needs correction, you might benefit greatly from Lasik. Lasik has been proven to increase athletes’ abilities to play golf. … Read more

The Looming Nearsightedness Epidemic

The worldwide prevalence of nearsightedness has increased over the past several decades, particularly in parts of Asia. Nearsightedness typically begins in children, and the age at which nearsightedness begins is only skewing younger. It is estimated that in 30 years, over half of the world’s population will be nearsighted and over 10% will have severely … Read more

Infection Risk for Those Who Wear Contacts

Serious infection is always something eye doctors worry about a great deal. Infections can cause scarring of the cornea with a partial loss of vision, possibly requiring an operation to return the vision to normal. A recent study reviewed the scientific literature to compare the serious infection rates for people wearing contact lenses to people … Read more

Can I Have Lasik Again?

  Of course, if your vision can use further help, Lasik can be done again! I am surprised by how many of our patients are unaware that Lasik can be done again, so I would like to present you with some information. The results of Lasik and PRK treatment are permanent, so the vast majority … Read more

Do Not Play Golf With Progressive Glasses or Bifocals

If you are over 45 years old and play golf, do you wear your progressive lenses or bifocals on the golf course? Most golfers I speak to do. That is a mistake! Progressive glasses or bifocals use the bottom part of the glasses to allow for sharp focus up close, such as when you are … Read more

What Digital Screens are Doing to Your Eyes

Like it or not, we are in the digital age. Computer screens, smart phones, tablets, and other similar devices have become intertwined into our everyday lives—according to TIME, about 90% of Americans use such devices for more than a couple hours each day and nearly 70% are glued to multiple screens at once. Unfortunately, digital … Read more

Aging Eyes: Vision Over Time

The eyes are the windows to our souls. But over time, the windows to our soul can become cloudy. Just like our physique, our eyes also exhibit age-related decline. Age-related decline such as presbyopia, the inability to adjust our focus from far to near, is normal as we age. But it does not mean that … Read more

Lasik in Military Personnel

Laser vision correction has quietly become one of our nation’s most important military weapons! By maximizing the vision of our fighters, we gain a substantial edge over our adversaries. Soldiers are often asked to perform their tasks in very difficult situations — dry, dusty, foggy, dark, windy, wet, underwater, muggy, etc. These situations make vision … Read more